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CTE is a leading European equipment manufacturer with over 4 decades of building safe, reliable, high-value aerial products. CTE’s foundation is to create the best solutions for working at height by making it easier and safer. This has guided CTE from the beginning producing over 15,000 platforms distributed worldwide. Your ‘work becomes easier’ with CTE’s efficient services and innovative technical solutions.

TRACCESS 160 sfilata scontornata


Technical Data
Platform Height 45 ft
Working Height 51 ft
Working Outreach 24 ft
Platform Capacity 551 lbs
Gross Weight 5,290 lbs


Technical Data
Platform Height 60 ft
Working Height 66 ft
Working Outreach 27 ft
Platform Capacity 550 lbs
Gross Weight 6,113 lbs
CTE Traccess 230


Technical Data
Platform Height 68 ft
Working Height 75 ft
Working Outreach 38 ft
Platform Capacity 440 lbs
Gross Weight 6,395 lbs


CTE Tracess 270


Technical Data
Platform Height 81 ft
Working Height 88 ft
Working Outreach 46 ft
Platform Capacity 550 lbs
Gross Weight 9,590 lbs


“Work Becomes Easy” with efficient services, innovative technical solutions, timely assistance, professional guidance, and training. This is our core philosophy when considering safety and quality of life on the job. CTE is united by ideas, motivation, and passion to simplify the work of our customers who need to elevate people.

More and more companies worldwide rely on CTE to give lifting support to their small and large projects. We are here as a reliable partner to meet our customer’s expectations and needs. Turning the seemingly impossible into a simple reality.

CTE TRACCESS Features and Advantages

  • High Performance
  • High Capacity Basket
  • Clean and Efficient Design
  • Most Compact Machines in Class
  • Superior Boom Rigidity During Operation
  • Most Versatile Boom Configuration in articulated & sigma/telescopic/flyboom class
  • Operator Friendly with Intuitive Controls
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Versatility of Engines and Options
  • Easy Transport Options
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